Chapter 1 – Useless

~Fenas City – Slums~

In an alleyway, there was a single human figure laying on top of garbage. The figure had a small stature and possessed little to no items on him.

It was Alderin, the discarded child.

His gaze only focused into the sky

“What did I do to deserve this?”

He had close his eyes and reminded himself with his memories.

Alderin grew up in an orphanage alongside many other children , who never knew who their parents were.

Alderin was never “exceptional” in any areas, usually a child like this would be discarded and considered “useless baggage”, but there was hope because his aptitude and blessings were not checked yet, for day was the day he was going to be checked. It was mandatory for children to check their aptitude and blessings at the age of 10.

Their aptitude and blessings would separate them into two categories 「Capable」 and 「Trash」.

Although everyone one had aptitude, only 5 in a 100 had a blessing. Blessings were gifts bestowed onto one if one of the 3 Gods favored them.

「Nepitina」, the Goddess of Light ; the one who created light and life itself.

「Doraginius」, the God of Darkness ; the one who created the darkness within humans and the world and demons.

「Eliphias」, the Goddess of equilibrium ; the one who creates the cycle for everything and the one who defends against any spacial and time interference.

As each child at 10 years old was checked one by one, it was soon Alderin’s turn. He nervously looked at the crystal that served as the tool for checking aptitude and blessings. But, a calm , soothing voice came from the priest in front of him. He looked into the priest’s kind eyes.

“My child, there is no need to fear.”

Hearing this , Alderin gently nodded and touched the crystal.

「Aptitude: Light Magic

Blessings : None

There was no reaction made by the priest or anyone nearby who saw. Alderin only gritted his teeth and slowly looked at the priest. If one casually looked , you’d see a gentle smile on a elderly man, but Alderin, who was in front of the priest, clearly saw the difference in his eyes from before. It was the gaze one would use to look at a worm, no, a insect, namely disgust.

As Alderin drew back a few steps, a bright light shone in the other line. When he glanced, he saw

「Aptitude : Fire magic, Water magic, Wind magic, Earth magic, Holy magic 

 Blessings : Eliphias’ Blessing of magical growth 」

“Amazing! With such aptitude, it wouldn’t be wrong to call you a genius!”

“Rand is so handsome~”

Both priests and the other orphans, especially the girls,  threw praises onto Rand. His joyful expression was secretly hiding his arrogance.

Even the girl who Alderin liked was sending some flirting  gazes.

Alderin, as a child 10 years of age, was secretly jealous. His thoughts rang wildly within himself.

“Why is fate itself forbidding anything in my favor”

He quietly returned towards the orphanage.

~The Next Day~

“Get out! Never return here and show your useless self here again!” Said the owner of the orphanage.

“That’s right, there’s no need for garbage here.”

“Haha! Trash who only eats!”

“Garbage deserves to be disposed of.”

Rand and many others threw abuse towards Alderin. He could only try to stop his tears and wipe them away.

“He’s crying like baby! Pfttt!”

That’s when he noticed, the girl he liked was also throwing abuse at him.

His heart was instantly shattered. This abuse already surpassed the amount a 10 year old child could handle.

Rand then whispered into the owner’s ears. The owner took something out of his bag and tossed it to Alderin.

“This is Rand-sama’s kindness, accept it!” (Owner)

“Garbage like you should have at least a small chance to survive.” (Rand)

When Alderin looked on the ground, he realised it was a sheathed dagger and quickly snatched it. By that time, his tears had stopped and his expression had become vicious.

“I’ll pay back everything you’ve done to me a hundred folds!”

That shout made everyone become silent. Who could expect such vicious words from a child?

Without a single hesitation, Alderin dashed off into the city and disappeared from their sights.